Convert more than 20% of your abandoned carts into sales

Carts Guru is the all-in-one multi-channel retargeting solution that converts more than 20% of lost customers into sales.

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Did you know that 68% of customers abandon their shopping carts? Don’t be part of the statistics. Drastically decrease your abandonment rate using retargeting channels Email, Text Message, Facebook Messenger to reach their potential and recover lost customers.

Text Message Retargeting

Benefit from a 98% open rate in your text message campaigns.

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Facebook Messenger

Target unidentified shopping carts. Send personalized messages and revive visitors’ interest.

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Multi-Channel Opt-in Widgets

70% of abandoned carts are non-identified. Create Facebook Messenger, Text Message, Email opt-in widgets to bring users back.

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Facebook Ads

Minimize the time you spend on creating FB and IG campaigns. Maximize your revenue.

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Coupon Code Management

Carts Guru automatically creates personalized coupon codes and embeds them in the checkout button.

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Customer Identification

Has an identified visitor come back to your site and abandoned his cart without logging in? Use the most advanced technology to recognize your visitors who are not connected to your site!

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Our plug-and-play solution offers add-ons for the most popular eCommerce platforms.

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with one of the platforms above or use a manual integration with our API and tags.

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For best practices recommendations.

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Carts Guru is very effective, customizable and responsive and we rely on their expertise to help us recover lost revenue and continuously boost our sales performance. Within one month, we have already increased our GMV by 10% without any other marketing efforts.
Vincent Hacquart , Head of E-Commerce at Burton London
Carts Guru is very easy to use, there is no coding involved and the implementation into our business is straightforward and efficient. By utilizing the SMS and Email campaigns, we have maximized our potential sales. Within the first few months, we have seen immediate results and have decreased our cart abandonment rate by 46%. It has become the keystone of our multi-channel conversion strategy and we are looking forward to expanding our reach.
Sarah Serge , Marketing Director at MyKronoz
Carts Guru has helped us convert between 30-40% of all our abandon carts which has helped our business grow! If you are someone with a brand, big or small, they will handle all of your abandon cart work and the set-up is a breeze. We highly recommend Carts Guru to anyone looking to take their customer experience to the next level.
Jake Goodwin , Steel Supplements
CartsGuru has changed our clients' businesses. We've been able to send multi-touchpoint abandoned cart messages that hit 35% conversion rates and as low as 30% abandonment rates. This is unheard of... and brings new meaning to the term "leaving money on the table" for those not using it... Stay savvy
Ryan O'Connor , Founder at GobySavvy

We've helped clients recover more than 20% of their abandoned carts.


Carts Guru helped more than 250 ecommerce companies, totaling in over $20 million dollars in recovered sales revenue

Carts Guru helped more than 250 ecommerce companies, totaling in over $20 million dollars in recovered sales revenue