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Multichannel retargeting strategies made easy

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Powerful and easy-to-use rule generation

Multichannel retargeting solutions that help you reconnect with your shoppers and recover abandoned cart revenue. Engages with shoppers based on their behavior through emails, text messages, phone calls and Facebook & Instagram.

In the product universe Clothes for a $150 minimum cart amount
1 Day
30 minutes
1 week
without check out, send
SMS triggers
SMS triggers
Automated call
Social Network
1 Day
without check out, send
Automated call
Carts automated emails

Automated emails

Personalized email remarketing is a powerful tool to engage and recapture customers who did not complete their checkout. You have the power to control times, amounts and more

Hi John, don't forget to complete your checkout! Chat with us if you have any questions!

- supertailor.com


Ok John, let's make a deal, buy now and get 15% Off, Coupon: SBT15. Complete your order here : click.it/ZAkEi

SMS & SMS Callback

Text messages are one of the preferred methods of communication.

  • Powerful conversion channel (about 20%)
  • Direct link to cart (no log-in required)
  • Send reminders, offers for pending orders
Carts automated social networks retargeting (beta)

Facebook & Instagram retargeting (beta)

Facebook’s dynamic product ads are one of the best ways to deliver tailored messages to customers who have left their shopping carts. Reach them where they spend the most of their time

Get notified
Hi, you will talk to Roger Thomas who is trying to buy “Winter coat dark grey” for $152.
1 - Talk
2 - Listen again
Connection is established!

Automated call

Excellent tool for recovering high-value carts or addressing payment failures

  • High engagement and conversion
  • Automated call feature linked to payment failure
  • New level of customer service

Carts Guru lets you measure the effectiveness of your retargeting strategy

Install the plug-in and we’ll setup everything for you

Install the plugin and we'll setup everything for you

You can install our plugin on:

You connect your shop in one click.

We have plugins for all popular platforms including WooCoomerce, Magento, Shopify and Prestashop. Manual integration through the Tags or API is also available.

We analyse customers behaviors, Carts metrics

Based on industy expertise, customers habits, conversion time, discount policy, all in less than 5 seconds

We recommended you the best retargeting rules

Based on these insights, we are able to set you up with a configuration tailored to your customers habits and targeted for maximum efficiency.

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